Your travel experience is our passion

We believe in the uniqueness of bicycle travel culture to create unforgettable shared experiences.

MTB Adventures

We are a team of passionate cycling adventurers that want to share our knowledge so you can experience the best Spain has to offer. Great climate, incredible natural landscapes, awesome off road trails and exquisite local cuisine.

E-Bike Equipped

As cyclists we love to challenge ourselves against the natural elements and we know having the best equipment makes for the most enjoyable experience. We are specialists in E-bike touring and our range of electric bikes are carefully maintained and set-up each morning so you can enjoy a fantastic day in the saddle.

Our guides

We are a diverse team of open minded travellers that love to meet new people, share knowledge and enjoy great cycling experiences. Each tour is a unique opportunity to create a personal and memorable journey for you. We take time to understand your ideas and plan your perfect trip.

Sustainable travel

Travel allows us discover our world’s most stunning natural environments and connects us with new cultures and ideas. We believe in responsible tourism and protecting the destinations we treasure. Let us show you Spain’s authentic rural locations supporting family owned businesses and visiting local restaurants and hotels.