Enduro MTB routes in Madrid

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the name of any large capital, is people, chaos, haste, cars, traffic, etc. The capital of Spain is also the largest city in the country with more than three million inhabitants. A jungle of asphalt.


However, the citizens of Madrid have an ace up their sleeve. A “small” well-kept secret called Central System, the mountain range at the center of the Iberian Peninsula. This enclave is a haven of peace and tranquility for Madridleños.


The Central System includes different mountain ranges, each one with its own particularities but all suitable for the enjoyment of our favorite activity: mountain biking. The best known, but not the only one, is the famous Sierra de Guadarrama.



Guide to the best places

This small guide brings together the main places you cannot miss when planning a trip to Madrid with your mountain bike. All of them very different from each other and less than an hour from the city:


The jewel of the Sierra Norte. Long and technical descents by slate slabs. Medium-high level

San Lorenzo de El Escorial
At the foot of the Monastery of El Escorial, a mythical zone among Madrid enduro and downhill riders. Medium level.


Located in the Sierra de la Cabrera, famous for its granite slabs and technical descents. Medium difficulty level.

San Martín de Valdeiglesisas

Located in the Western Sierra, this area is characterized by its good climate and its rapid descents and flow. Low – medium level.


The Sierra of Guadarrama is home to descents for all tastes. Each with a different terrain, short, long descents … leaves no one indifferent. Medium-high level.